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Pinner Park is a Gold
Rights Respecting School
Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting
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Following a rigorous assessment at the end of the Summer Term 2018, we are
delighted to confirm that PPJS has achieved Gold Level of this highly valued
award. Ably led by Mrs Davies and Mrs Ohene, and the Rights Respecting
Rangers, the assessment team was hugely impressed by the way rights
respecting underpins so many core values of our school community. If you would like to read the Unicef assessment report and understand how 'Rights Respecting' is embedded in our school ethos, please click on the report below.

      UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Award Assessment Report Gold Level

Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting

'The school vision and ethos is explicitly linked to rights and throughout the visit it was clear that everyone was really proud of their rights respecting work. "All of the rights are respected around the school" explained a Year 5 child.

Particular strengths of the school are:

  • Very confident and articulate pupils who enjoy and are very proud of their school and their rights respecting status.
  • Very good relationships between pupils and between pupils and staff.
  • A very strong focus on inclusion, diversity and tolerance.
  • Pupils are listened to and their views are taken very seriously.
  • A strong link with Masindi School in Uganda.'
'What was more impressive was their understanding of how rights impacted on their own and other
children's lives. "Lots of the rights help us live in peace" explained Year 5 pupils during the focus group.
"Rights are so you can be treated the way you should be treated properly" stated a Year 3 girl in one lesson. Children understood that rights are unconditional, and universal. "Rights are for everyone" stated a Year 3 child.'
Gold Level report.

Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting

Every child under 18 has these rights. They have the right to know their rights and as duty-bearers, we take this very seriously. Children have the right to say what they think and be listened to- pupil voice is a strength of our school. Young people are empowered to take action on issues they see as important. We help them to bring about change in a safe and welcome environment.

So far we have raised enough money to build new toilets in our link school, Masindi Public School (in Uganda); we have created a Park Charter for Headstone Park; we have 'pitched' being a Rights Respecting School to a nearby high school and involved our elderly community by hosting a Grandparents' Tea to celebrate our 80th Anniversary last March. In addition, we have donated to the Harrow Foodbank by holding a food amnesty and even run Family Learning classes so that we can include different members of our community in our learning!

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international document that sets out all the rights that children have. The CRC lists 54 articles. At Pinner Park we help children to enjoy many of their rights, especially their right to a good quality education that develops their personal excellence (Article 29).
Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting

Pinner Park Junior School: Rights Respecting