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 Attendance & Punctuality
Pinner Park Junior School: Attendance

Children are expected to attend school for the full 190 days of the academic year, unless there is a good reason for absence. Full attendance is vital for your child's educational progress. The school regards absences as a very serious concern and there is an overwhelming connection between those pupils who are frequently absent and those who underachieve in their future.

We understand that children have minor illnesses e.g. Viruses and infections.

When your child is absent, please ring the school office on the first day of absence by 9.30am, to report an absence. When this has been done, there is no need to send a letter of explanation when your child returns to school. If a message or letter is not received when your child returns to school, the absence will be recorded as 'unauthorised'.

In the event that your child has had symptoms of vomiting and/or diarrhoea, they should not be sent school until at least 24 hours has past, since the last bout. The same procedure will be expected to be followed should your child be sent home from school for vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

If your child needs to leave school during school time for an appointment, a note must be sent beforehand. No child will be allowed to leave school during the school day unaccompanied.

School begins at 8.55am. Please can you ensure that your child arrives at school on time. Any child arriving later than 8.55am should enter school via the main entrance reporting to the school office. The register closes at 9.05am. If your child is late beyond this time it will be considered as an absence and therefore a letter is required.

Leave of Absence During Term Time
Please check school holiday dates — we send them out with the school's monthly newsletter.

Parents are strongly urged to avoid taking leave during term time. Parents do not have the right to take their child out of school. No requests for holidays will be authorised during time. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to request leave of absence. All such cases should be applied for in writing on the schools Application 'For Request For Leave Of Absence During Term Time' Form. Parents should request leave of absence in advance and all requests should be submitted at least two weeks before the first day of intended absence using the form.

Please click the the Leave of Absence Request Form please click the link below.

After careful monitoring of absence across the school, the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body have decided that as of 3rd September 2015, Pinner Junior School will be following the recommended procedures set out by Harrow Local Authority in regards to the issuing of Penalty Notices and Court Prosecution where pupils' attendance is causing concern.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly but it was felt necessary to bring our attendance policy in line with other schools in Harrow.

The Penalty Notice Information Leaflet is available in the following languages:
Encouraging Attendance and Punctuality
The School will monitor all attendance; any cause of concern will be discussed with child's parent/ carer. Any absence with no reason provided will be followed up with a text and/or letter. If your child is persistently absent it may be necessary for a referral to be made to our attached Education Welfare Officer.

The School encourages outstanding, excellent and good attendance every term and is monitored by the Attendance Office and by the Headteacher.

As a parent, do not to allow your child to have time off school unless it is really necessary. Try and make any appointments for your child outside school time. If you have any concerns, or require help and support speak to your child's class teacher. You may contact the school's Attendance Officer, Mrs Tucker available on telephone number 0280 82621239.

Further information on attendance and punctuality can be found on Pinner Park Junior School's website under the Attendance Policy.

For notification of illness or any other reason why your child is not at school, including leave of absence requests, please email:

Pinner Park Junior School: Attendance Health Guidance
Pinner Park Junior School: Attendance Request for Leave Form